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Our Literacy program is called the Frederick Douglass Reading Society (FDRS). We promote reading individually and in groups. We advocate reading as a means of increasing academic achievement, self - education/empowerment, and fun!

We help set up and run community and individual reading programs!

Community Reading

  • We set up group reads

  • Enables people of different reading levels to enjoy literature together

  • Encourages meaningful group discussions

  • Promotes reading as a fun, engaging social activity

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Reading logs are a key part of our literacy program. They are easy to complete and a fun way to keep track of reading selections and time spent reading!

Individual Reading

  • Allows reading on one's own level and area of interest

  • Builds hours of reading one day at a time

  • Increases confidence to read in group settings

  • Used with a reading log to record progress

  • Incentives are earned as more hours are spent reading!


Free Book Giveaways


The Frederick Douglass Reading Society provides free books, magazines and other reading materials of all types to encourage individual reading!




We provide light refreshments and healthy snacks at every community group reading!

               Male Mentoring Initiative
                               @ BBF Family Services


The FDRS's reading program is flexible and easily adapted to any age group or market. These are pictures of me reading with elementary school boys at historic BBF Family services on Chicago's West Side in conjunction with their Male Mentoring Initiative (MMI) a City of Chicago Program. 

On the table is a copy of "How Long Will I Cry?" Voices of Youth Violence, an excellent anthology of urban voices reacting to the unfortunate violence facing areas of Chicago. A joint project from the DePaul University and Big Shoulders Press, every young man received a free copy of this book. They really loved it!! Also, a copy of a breathing/relaxation excercise from "Luster: Calm Classroom." We use this activity to relax and prepare for our reading selections.

LWL 2.png

LWL presents FDRS


Leading With Literacy (LWL) is a program of The Timothy Community Corporation in Chicago's Bronzeville Community. LWL goes to schools and reads and distribute books to students. Starting February 2020, LWL began hosting FDRS' weekly Saturday community reading program. 


"Once You Learn To Read, You Will be Forever Free."-Frederick Douglass

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