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Gold Star Tutoring

Skills Learned Outside of the Classroom Are Essential for Success Inside the Classroom!

Many young scholars suffer from not having a proper atmosphere to work in, limited help from friends, family members and neighbors, insufficient supplies, or a combination of these obstacles.


We help set up, facilitate and run tutoring centers using any available space and or resources. We create friendly, welcoming environments, staffed with tutors, volunteers and school supplies.

Touchstone believes in a tutoring/mentoring hybrid in which relationships are established and bonds made that enable students to trust, and work with, concerned individuals. We help recruit caring people who are knowledgeable in all fundamental subject areas, such as reading, math and science. The mentoring component enables Touchstone to provide individualized academic support up to and through high school, college and beyond!

This extra help leads to many benefits:

  • increased confidence in learning ability

  • better grades at school

  • higher scores on standardized tests

  • a safe, fun environment after school

  • promotes increase in social skills and participation

We help set up centers that have flexible after school and weekend hours, provide healthy snacks and treats for participants, and a fun, family-like environment for all members. Parents and volunteers are always welcome to stop by and join the "party!" 


Become a Tutor Today!

Sometimes, a little extra help with school or homework can mean the difference between failing a course or passing and getting full credit! For many youth, failing classes leads to a downward spiral. They become discouraged and fall behind when it comes to graduating on time... or even at all!

Tutoring gives students extra inspiration and instruction that many times is all that is needed to push them over the top!

Relationships formed during tutoring sessions can last forever. And it's thrilling to find out later in life that the young person you helped tutor and get through school is now a doctor, lawyer, athlete, politician, etc! 


No experience necessary- training is provided. It's great for your resume and you get to connect and network with some great people along the way. Sign up today and begin what could be one of the most fulfilling things you'll do in your life!

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